Saturday, October 6, 2012

Short haircuts for round faces 2013

Round faces are easy to recognize due to the fact that the length of the face is similar to its width. The jawline and the cheeks are full, the chin is usually small and the hairline is most likely round as well.

As far as short hairstyles are concerned you should try to find styles that end above the chin length.
While short hairstyles are tempting because they can be low maintenance and fairly easy to style if you have the right tools at hand, if you have a round face shape, you should avoid very short hair styles that will make the face even more round.

Curly hairstyles can add even more roundness to the face if not chosen correctly. Ringlets should be avoided as they add too much width. Loose curls on the other hand are a much better alternative. Waves are universally flattering for round faces and can be worn with complete confidence.
When attempting to create any curly hairstyle it's important to first learn to control the problem of hair frizz. Using professional anti frizz products is one of the first steps we should take to ensure success.